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Emotion Behind The Font: Creative

Font Displayed: Marguerite

Photo: SenaRuna Quilled Paper Art

Kayla Creative's

Emotion Behind the Font

Social Media Series

Behind every font, there is an emotion...

A great design tip is to choose a font that best reflects your visual. Here at Kayla Creative we are creative yet simple. In our new social media design series, Emotion Behind The Font, will help demonstrate some ways to utilize fonts!

Emotion Behind the Font was created to give a visual aid in choosing fonts for design. A striking image and a specific font are paired together to convey the "emotion" or message that the font portrays.

What makes a font "Creative"?

Here at Kayla Creative we are creative yet simple! We chose this font that reflected our style and simplicity.

When choosing a creative font, you want something that is expressive, extraordinary, and most importantly interesting!

The font chosen above, (Marguerite) was chosen to play off of the paper quills in the photo. Marguerite flows just like the quills in the paper art shown. It is also a script that almost looks handmade and custom. Creative fonts are anything but boring or regular.

Here are some examples of some creative fonts you can use in your designs. And also that remember that the possibilities are endless!


Wow what a unique font! You won't believe that this font was actually inspired by the plastic industry.


Yes you guess it! This font was inspired by Origamis! Designed by graphic designer Nuno Dias, Origam makes an eye-catching font for display!


Think Retro, 80s Pop, and geometry! This font was sliced and diced to perfection.

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