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Emotion Behind The Font: Luxury

Font shown: Cocomat

Kayla Creative's

Emotion Behind the Font

Social Media Series

Behind every font, there is an emotion...

A great design tip is to choose a font that best reflects your visual. Here at Kayla Creative we are creative yet simple. In our new social media design series, Emotion Behind The Font, will help demonstrate some ways to utilize fonts!

Emotion Behind the Font was created to give a visual aid in choosing fonts for design. A striking image and a specific font are paired together to convey the "emotion" or message that the font portrays.

What makes a font "Luxurious"?

Less is more and white space dominates. Choosing a font for a luxurious brand can be sought in two ways. Keeping it simple and minimal or making it elegant with flourishes. But it ultimately how you use the font.

I will further elaborate in the following:

Simple, Chic, and Minimal

"In art as in life, white space is the ultimate luxury. The most recent architectural addition to the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan is a superb example of the way acres of empty white walls can be used to make a superlative statement On the page, white space works the same way. It signifies that you have plenty of room to spare. It frames images with an aura of accessibility. The less crowded a magazine layout, the more elitist is its attitude."

This idea can be seen in our article's introduction image above. The font we choose, Cocomat Light, demonstrates this idea of white space and minimalism.

Cocomat is actually a free font that was inspired by the Coco Channel logo. It was custom font designed for them but the closest replica would be the Gotham font. The idea is that the font can portray effortless style without doing too much. Both of the fonts below tend to be bold, which can be seen in some luxury logos.

Some "luxury fonts" also tend to have heavy tracking (slightly wide spacing between letters). Here are some examples below:

Audrey Font

The Kering luxury logo has both heavy tracking and is utilizing less negative space.

Elegant Flaire

Elegant fonts are sophisticated and look lavish thanks to the extra embellishments called flourishes that are added on to the base letter. A script or calligraphic font instantly adds this effect. You tend to see script on luxury brands or wedding invites.



Burgues Script

An Elegant Chic Affair

You can also combine both script and minimal fonts for more impact:

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